Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP) is the trade body for Pakistan's multi billion rupees asset management industry. The money our members manage is in a wide variety of investment vehicles including stocks, bonds, money market instruments, government securities and bank deposits. Our role is to ensure transparency, high ethical conduct and growth of the mutual fund industry.
ABLCF 10.16 ABLFPF-Active 110.01 ABLFPF-Conservative 103.26 ABLGSF-B 10.13 ABLIF 10.14 ABLIFPF-Active 109.28 ABLIFPF-Aggressive 112.49 ABLIFPF-Conservative 105.71 ABLIFPF-SAP 105.6 ABLIFPF-SAP-II 100.29 ABLIIF 10.16 ABLIPPF-D 110.51 ABLIPPF-E 157.41 ABLIPPF-MM 108.63 ABLISF 14.75 ABLPPF-D 133.36 ABLPPF-E 154.4 ABLPPF-MM 110.66 ABLSF 15.77 AGHPAF 71.44 AGHPCF 501.94 AGHPCPF 108.62 AGHPIF 111.59 AGHPIIF 101.79 AGHPIMF 53.69 AGHPIPPF-AAP 100.3 AGHPIPPF-BAP 101.23 AGHPISF 65.39 AGHPMMF 99.59 AGHPPPF-AAP 110.7 AGHPPPF-CAP 107.31 AGHPPPF-MAP 107.22 AGHPSF 132.39 AGHPVF 67.68 AGHSF 106.98 AKDCF 50.69 AKDGASSF 14.15 AKDIF 52.58 AKDITF 15.1 AKDOF 97.54 ASKARIAAF-B 49.29 ASKARIAAF-C 49.29 ASKARIEF 111.68 ASKARIHYS 103.37 ASKARIIAAF-B 109.05 ASKARIIAAF-C 109.05 ASKARIIIF-B 101.97 ASKARIIIF-C 101.97 ASKARISCF 101.61 ASKARISYE 102.64 ATLASGF 107.16 ATLASIF 517.67 ATLASIIF 507.95 ATLASISF 516.53 ATLASMMF 507.4 ATLASPF-D 222.89 ATLASPF-E 430.44 ATLASPF-G 115.93 ATLASPF-MM 212.26 ATLASPIF-D 186.87 ATLASPIF-E 572.13 ATLASPIF-MM 197.3 ATLASSLF 101.3 ATLASSMF 544.21 BMACRSF 8.34 BMAECF 10.23 DAWOODIF 133.77 DAWOODIF 78.26 FAYSALAAF 70.73 FAYSALBGF 66.29 FAYSALFIAAF 105.43 FAYSALFSOF 101.98 FAYSALIGF 106.79 FAYSALISGF 103.76 FAYSALMMF 102.44 FAYSALMTSF 101.57 FAYSALSGF 102.85 FCMF 12.76 FCMF 12.76 FCMF-A 12.76 FDAWOODMF 14.77 FHABIBCF 101.6 FHABIBIF 101.94 FHABIBSF 106.17 FHIBF 103.3 HBLIAAF 104.87 HBLIF 106.89 HBLIMMF 101.64 HBLIPF-D 133.09 HBLIPF-E 381.88 HBLIPF-MM 130.87 HBLISF 137.4 HBLMAF 101.26 HBLMMF 102.66 HBLMSF1 103.42 HBLPF-D 148.26 HBLPF-E 350.74 HBLPF-MM 136.34 HBLSF 110.6 JSCF 103.86 JSCPF-V 101.4 JSFOF 51.69 JSGF-A 180.18 JSIF 97.78 JSIGSF 101.5 JSIPSF-D 189.63 JSIPSF-E 654.81 JSIPSF-MM 164.37 JSISF 121.81 JSLCF 124.66 JSPSF-D 221.1 JSPSF-E 454.1 JSPSF-MM 179.46 JSUTP 167.52 JSVF-A 219.4 LAKSONAADMF 115.81 LAKSONAAEMF 100.09 LAKSONEF 122.02 LAKSONIF 102.44 LAKSONMMF 101.41 LAKSONTF 105.95 MCBAHMCBCMOF 101.54 MCBAHMCBDIF 107.19 MCBAHMCBIIF 100.03 MCBAHMCBIIF 101.75 MCBAHPCF 50.83 MCBAHPCM 11.3 MCBAHPFPF 100.46 MCBAHPIEF 53.6 MCBAHPIEIF 68.06 MCBAHPIF 54.18 MCBAHPIPF-D 187.12 MCBAHPIPF-E 478.11 MCBAHPIPF-MM 168.92 MCBAHPPF-D 222.39 MCBAHPPF-E 459.74 MCBAHPPF-MM 203.4 MCBAHPSMF 94.38 MCBAHPSRMF 107.34 MCBPAAF 83.54 MCBPISF 11.51 MCBPSF 53.77 MCPF-II 64.55 MEEZANAAF 52.85 MEEZANBF 16.45 MEEZANCF 50.71 MEEZANFPFF-A 77.11 MEEZANFPFF-M 67.98 MEEZANFPFF-MAAP-I 57.17 MEEZANFPFF-MAAP-II 57.85 MEEZANFPFF-MAAP-III 57.1 MEEZANFPFF-MAAP-IV 50.41 MEEZANFPFF-MCPP-I 58.28 MEEZANFPFF-MCPP-II 52.44 MEEZANGF 54.93 MEEZANIF 70.66 MEEZANIIF-B 51.95 MEEZANIIF-C 51.95 MEEZANKMIF 81.81 MEEZANMF 19.08 MEEZANMFPFF-C 62.31 MEEZANSF 51.54 MEEZANTPF-D 207.11 MEEZANTPF-E 518.21 MEEZANTPF-G 98.41 MEEZANTPF-MM 205.3 NAFAAAF 16.17 NAFAAARFSF 10.09 NAFAFSIF 10.63 NAFAGSLF 10.28 NAFAGSSF 10.41 NAFAIAAEF 12.46 NAFAIAAF 16.5 NAFAIAAP-I 119.4 NAFAIAAP-II 115.25 NAFAIAAP-III 104.57 NAFAIEF 11.6 NAFAIF 9.92 NAFAIOF 10.91 NAFAIPF-D 120.81 NAFAIPF-E 272.25 NAFAIPF-MM 120.93 NAFAIPPF-I 117.14 NAFAIPPF-II 119.65 NAFAISF 12.72 NAFAMAF 17.01 NAFAMMF 9.98 NAFAPF-D 136.87 NAFAPF-E 270.11 NAFAPF-MM 124.33 NAFAPPF 106.4 NAFARFSF 10.3 NAFASF 14.62 NAFASPF 10.26 NAFIAIF 9.61 NIT-GBF 10.05 NIT-IF 10.4 NIT-NI(U)T 72.42 NITGTF 10.14 NITIEF 11 NITIIF 10.11 NITIPF-D 10.42 NITIPF-E 11.11 NITIPF-MM 10.38 NITPF-C 11.17 NITPF-D 10.51 NITPF-E 10.34 NITPF-MM 10.5 PCF 101.79 PICICCF-C 101.81 PICICCF-D 101.81 PICICEF 13.19 PICICGF 44.34 PICICIF 106.38 PICICIF 19.38 PICICIF 106.38 PICICIIF 101.86 PICICISF 113.81 PICICSF 114.52 PIMLAAF 101.59 POAAAF 57.84 POAIIF 53.23 POGSF 10.72 POIAAF 61.52 PRIMUSDRF 76.98 PRIMUSIEF 123.64 PRIMUSIMMF 101.33 PRIMUSSMAF 109.2 PRIMUSVEF 116.72 UBLAAF 128.02 UBLAAIAAP-I 113.9 UBLAAIAAP-II 115.3 UBLAAIAAP-III 112.13 UBLAAIAAP-IV 110.92 UBLAAIAAP-V 100.37 UBLAAIDEF 116.78 UBLAIAAF 117.06 UBLAICF 101.38 UBLAIIF-G 100.98 UBLAIIF-I 100.98 UBLAIPPF-IV 111.78 UBLAIPPF-V 102.93 UBLAIRSF-D 148.49 UBLAIRSF-E 605.28 UBLAIRSF-MM 148.49 UBLAISF 102.52 UBLASSF 136.18 UBLGF 90.39 UBLGSF 106.73 UBLIOF 111.2 UBLLPF-C 101.77 UBLMMF 101.63 UBLRSF-C 115.51 UBLRSF-D 198.7 UBLRSF-E 615.85 UBLRSF-MM 162.73 UBLUGIF-G 87.22 UBLUGIF-I 87.22 UBLUSAF 67.52

Board Of Directors

Mr. Shahid Ghaffar - Chairman

Mr. Shahid Ghaffar is Managing Director, National Investment Trust Limited (NITL) . He possesses vast experience of working at top positions in the financial sector. Prior to joining NIT, he was working as Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Representation as well as member of Management Forum at Habib Bank Limited (HBL). Prior to that he had also served as Chief Executive Officer of HBL Asset Management Limited for over six years (2005-2012) and was instrumental in the establishment and growth of the company.

Mr. Ghaffar has held key positions in the areas of asset management, capital market regulation and governance. At Securities And Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) he served as Executive Director/Commissioner from 2000 to 2005 and played a vital role towards the implementation of wide ranging reforms in the Capital Market and capacity building of Securities Market Division of Securities And Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). While working as Managing Director/CEO Karachi Stock Exchange during his two years’ tenure (1998-2000) he introduced effective risk management measures and was also instrumental in the automation of trading, enhancing capacity building and professionalism at the Stock Exchange.

During the period 1977-1998, Mr. Shahid Ghaffar had served National Investment Trust Limited (NITL) (one of the biggest open- ended funds in the country) in different capacities in the Asset Management Division and at various stages was responsible for managing equity market portfolio, debt/fixed income portfolio and trading desk. He was also involved in the appraisal and monitoring of projects. In 1996, Mr.Ghaffar was entrusted responsibility of Asset Management Division. He actively participated in the reconstruction of NIT during the crisis period i.e. 1996-1998.

Mr. Ghaffar holds Master Degree in Business Administration from Gomal University D.I.Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He has attended several courses on Securities Regulations and Securities Markets Development and portfolio management including the prestigious course conducted by Securities and Exchange Commission, in Washington, DC. (United States).

Mr. Yasir Qadri - Senior Vice Chairman

"Mr. Yasir Qadri joined UBL Funds as Chief Executive Officer in February 2016. He has 15 years of experience in the mutual funds industry. Prior to joining UBL Funds, he was Chief Executive Officer of MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments, a position he held for 4 years, during which the Company grew in size and profitability. He started his career with Arif Habib Investments Limited.

Mr. Yasir Qadri has held strategic roles in the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP), making significant contributions as the Vice Chairman of MUFAP in 2014/2015 as well as the Chairman of Technical Committee, Chairman and Member of the Education & Certification Committee, and Chairman of the Pricing Policy Committee. Mr. Yasir Qadri has also served as the Executive Director of Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) – which is a society formed by leading national and multinational advertisers of the country to fulfill their marketing research needs.

Mr. Yasir Qadri earned both his BBA and MBA degrees from the University of Central Oklahoma, USA.

Mr. Imran Azim - Vice Chairman

Mr. Imran Azim is MBA in finance and has almost three decades of experience in Mutual Fund Industry. He served NIT from 1977 to 1998 where he worked in almost all the departments including Investment, Marketing, Business Development and Accounts. After leaving NIT he joined Khalid Majid Hussain Rehman, a Chartered Accountants firm and later on joined Universal Insurance Company Limited. Prior to joining Habib Asset Management Limited he was Chief Executive of Haroon Oils Limited.

Mr. Babar Ali Lakhani - Director

Mr. Lakhani has over 13 years of investment and portfolio management experience in domestic and international equity and fixed income markets. Mr. Lakhani most recently served as the Chief Investment Officer of Century Insurance, a Public Limited Company listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. He was an Investment Associate at High Street Advisors and a Research Analyst at Credit Suisse Equity Group (formerly Credit Suisse First Boston). Mr. Lakhani brings extensive investment experience, globally practiced portfolio management discipline, and a comprehensive understanding of the global asset management industry to Lakson Investments Limited.

Mr. Lakhani received his BA in Finance from Bentley College, and his MBA from Brandeis University.

Mr. Lakhani is a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), the Society of Financial Service Professionals and the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). Mr. Lakhani is a member of the Alumni Trustee Committee of Brandeis University and is the school's representative in Pakistan.

Dr. Ali Akhtar Ali - Director

Dr. Ali Akhtar Ali is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at JS Investments Limited (JSIL). He had previously been working as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for 3 years at JSIL and was subsequently elevated to the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO) before assuming the role of the CEO. During his stint as the CIO, JSIL's Equity Funds had consistently ranked as the Best performing funds in Pakistan for consecutive years and were also ranked among the Top 100 Funds in the world. His broad understanding of the Equity and Fixed Income Markets, coupled with his avid enthusiasm towards Global Markets, played an instrumental role in delivering Top-tier performances for his investors.

Dr. Ali brings with himself a wide scope of experience acquired over his role as a Chief Dealer at KASB Capital's Treasury Department where he was responsible for Heading the Money Market, Foreign Exchange and Financial Advisory services at KASB Capital. His diverse expertise equips him with a compelling skill-set that has materially benefited his clients in the form of highest ethical standards, compelling returns and hence, trust of valuable clients.

Dr. Ali offers over 15 years of professional experience in Fixed Income and Equity Markets of Pakistan. He holds a unique combination of an MBA as well as an MBBS from reputable universities in Karachi, Pakistan.

Mr. Farid Ahmed Khan - Director

Mr. Imran Motiwala - Director

Mr. Imran Motiwala has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of AKD Investment Management Limited since 2009, while also serving as a Director on the Company from 2007 and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Arrow Selected Stocks Fund Limited. Mr. Motiwala joined AKD Investment Management Limited in February 2006 as the Companys Chief Operating Officer and also over viewed several key areas including fund management, sales and marketing besides serving as a Member of the Investment Committee. With a career spanning almost 21 years in the capital markets, Mr. Motiwala is a seasoned finance professional with experience ranging from stock broking to asset management. Mr. Motiwala initiated his career with Ali Hussain Rajabali as an equity sales trader for both domestic and foreign institutions. He has also had the privilege of working with several prestigious financial institutions during his career including JP Morgan as an institutional securities sales broker and after almost 8 years of securities broking moved to asset management with ABAMCO Limited (now JS Investments) where he served as a Fund Manager and led the team in launching the Company fixed income fund. After which Mr. Motiwala moved to Crosby Asset Management Limited as Head of Fund Management where his responsibilities entailed managing the entire asset management business. Mr. Imran Motiwala is a marketing graduate from Southeastern University and a Certified Director from the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.

Ms. Maheen Rahman - Director

Ms. Rahman is the Chief Executive of Alfalah GHP Investment Management, and has over fifteen years of experience in investment banking, research and asset management. She started her career with Merrill Lynch in Investment Banking and was part of several high profile international transactions that spanned the Asia Pacific region and North America. Post Merrill Lynch, she joined ABN Amro Bank in Corporate Finance and was involved in equity raising and IPO activity across south-east Asia.

She has also served as Head of Research for BMA Capital Management where she spearheaded the research effort to provide sound and in depth investment advice across all capital markets to a wide range of corporate and institutional clients. Under her stewardship BMA Capital’s Research was represented on several international forums and widely recognized by local and international equity fund managers for its incisive analysis.

Maheen joined IGI Funds in 2009 as Chief Executive. Total assets under management grew by over two hundred percent over the course of her tenure with a considerable widening in diversity and depth of client relationships on both mutual funds and investment advisory. The company was acquired by Bank Alfalah’s asset management company Alfalah Investments in 2013. Within the first year of the takeover, Ms. Rahman focused the company to successfully leverage off the wider distribution network of the Group with Assets Under Management showing over sixty percent growth in the first nine months post acquisition making it one of the fastest growing asset management companies in the country. She has been widely covered in local and international media on significant performance and returns achieved on funds under management.

Ms. Rahman holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Economics from LUMS and a M.Sc. Finance and Economics from Warwick Business School, UK. She also holds a Series 7 qualification from the NYSE.

Mr. Mohammad Shoaib, CFA - Director

Mr. Mohammad Shoaib, CFA is the Chief Executive of Al Meezan Investment Management Limited. He has played a key role in setting up the company and making it the largest asset management company in private sector in Pakistan. He has been associated with it since inception in 1995. He is a highly qualified and seasoned professional with 24 years experience in capital market of the country and knows the fund management business in Pakistan inside out. He has to his credit many accolades and awards, the most significant of them being the “Most Influential CFA charter holder” awarded by CFA Institute in 2006.

Mr. Shoaib holds MBA degree from IBA besides being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder. He has to his credit being the founder and first president of CFA Association of Pakistan, a member society of CFA Institute. He has also had the honor to represent over 16,000 charter holders in Asia Pacific Region as their representative on the Presidents' Council of CFA Institute.

Mr. Shoaib has also served in voluntary capacity at different domestic and international institutions. He has served as a Director on the Board of Karachi Stock Exchange and Senior Vice Chairman on the Board of Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan last year. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance and Institute of Capital Markets. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Institute of Business Administration. He has also served on various global and regional committees of CFA Institute including Asia Pacific Advocacy Committee, Global Task Force on Corporate Governance, GIPS Regional Council, GIPS Executive Committee and Asset Manager Code Advisory Committee.

Ms. Mashmooma Zehra Majeed, CFA, FRM - Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Majeed completed her Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program in 2001 from the CFA Institute and the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Program in 2010. She has been associated with the asset management industry in Pakistan for over ten years with her forte being in investment management and product development. She has played an instrumental role in launching the first Islamic open-end mutual fund in Pakistan as well as the launch of the voluntary pension scheme in Pakistan under the Voluntary Pension System Rules. She has been actively involved with MUFAP throughout her career. She has previously worked in senior positions in Atlas Asset Management Limited, JS Investments and Crosby Asset Management. She started her career with HMA.


MUFAP gratefully acknowledges Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) Business Support grant amongst others for investors protection and access to information.

MUFAP is an affiliate of the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE).

MUFAP is a member of International Investment Fund Managers Association (IIFA) and the Asia Oceania Regional Meeting (AORM).

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